Our Custom Services


Upholstery & Slipcovers

There are few better ways to create a home that is uniquely you than with custom fabric selections. Bespoke upholstered furniture and drapery show how much you care about your home and living environment, to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Whatever your style, at RF Shaw we have all that is needed to create the room of your dreams. Our design team will help you choose from a vast selection of beautiful home fabrics. Bring us your upholstered furniture in need of a facelift and we will not disappoint.

Contact us today to make an appointment and we’ll show you how we will bring your upholstery back to life.

Drapery & Window Treatments

At RF Shaw we believe a room is not complete until the windows are beautifully styled with long folds of gorgeous fabric. Custom drapery will frame and soften your windows, providing a final touch of polish and give your home that showroom look.

We have everything here to complete your windows, including shades, shutters and blinds for functionality; those fabulous fabrics for custom drapery and style; and hardware too!

Make an appointment with us today and come see what we have to offer!

Bench-made Furniture

Ever wonder what bench-made furniture is all about? It often equates with quality, but why is that so? 

Bench made furniture refers to a manufacturing process where meticulous craftsmanship and detailing couples with exclusive fabrics. At RF Shaw we can build just about any piece of upholstered furniture you might desire. Bring us an image or detailed sketch

Custom upholstered furniture may not be as far out of reach as you might think! Make an appointment with us today to find out more.

Upholstered Beds & Bedding

How luxurious does it sound to have custom bedding? If you desire your bedroom to be a sanctuary and retreat from the rest of the world, an investment in custom bedding is a must!

At RF Shaw, we can reupholster any headboard/bed with a fabric of your choice; just imagine the possibilities! And then our design team will help select a complementary fabric to make a duvet cover, comforter or throw for the end of the bed. Simply beautiful! Oh, and don’t forget the throw pillows!

Make an appointment with us today to learn more about creating your bedroom sanctuary.

Interior Design

Successful rooms have a sense of harmony, they simply flow. Rooms work best when furniture, fabrics, colors and accessories all come together to reflect style, beauty and inspiration.

Creating harmony is the objective of every interior designer, where color, quality, proportion and scale become central to any good design.

Our designers at RF Shaw will work with you to create a room that has that easy, harmonious flow, one that uniquely expresses your mood and individuality.

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